Every person fleeing persecution should be able to access safe and legal routes to sanctuary but today millions of people fleeing conflict are trapped in harm’s way with no safe and legal way out.

Children are stuffed into suffocating lorries, families climb into sinking boats, desperate adults try to scale barbed wire fences. All in pursuit of something they often already have a legal right to: whether it’s to reach their family members or to be resettled away from conflict because of their extreme need.


Our vision is a world in which every person fleeing persecution can access publicly-supported safe and legal routes to a place where they can lead a full and dignified life.


Our mission is to open up safe and legal routes to protection through advocacy, community organising and legal work. We then support people’s first steps to rebuilding their lives in the UK.


We are ground breaking, determined, and compassionate.


George Gabriel
Project Lead

George Gabriel is the founder and Project Lead of Safe Passage. George worked for 8 years as a community organiser driving forward successful campaigns on a wide issues. George has also driven work to build 96 Refugee Welcome groups across Britain, introduce community sponsorship, and grow the UK’s resettlement commitment.

Sarah Newton
Head of Logistics and Finance

Sarah is responsible for all our logistics and finance. As well as ensuring the wellbeing, safety and security of the Safe Passage team (both in the UK and abroad), she also is the Designated Safeguarding Officer for Safe Passage.

Laura Griffiths
Casework and Programmes Lead

Laura is responsible for managing, planning and delivering operations in all our field locations. Her work involves both the set up and wind down of locations – for example, in Calais.

Charlotte Morris
Head of Communications and Development

Charlotte is in charge of communications and development. It’s her job to raise awareness of our organisation and engage external audiences with the work we do. In part, this involves managing our website and social media, and handling all press enquiries.

Beth Gardiner-Smith
Senior Campaigns Organiser

Beth is responsible for political strategy and engagement, including advising on public policy and working with key stakeholders on campaigns. She also acts as a direct link with grassroots groups, helping to develop leadership within communities.

Emma Watson
Development Manager

Emma oversees Safe Passage’s fundraising from a range of sources, including individuals and organisations. She communicates with donors and supporters and makes sure processes are in place to track and report on income.

Sophie Spencer
Greece Field Coordinator

Sophie is based in Athens. She manages and supports the logistical, technical and administrative casework operations of the Safe Passage programme in Greece.

Olga Siebert
Northern Europe Field Manager

Olga is responsible for EU advocacy on the future of safe and legal routes within Europe, such as Dublin III’s family reunion provisions. She is also in charge of developing relationships and networks with NGOs and legal practitioners across Europe as well as promoting safe and legal channels at European Union level through advocacy, research and campaigns.

Tessa Mackenzie
UK Field Manager

Tessa is the UK field manager. Her job involves welcoming unaccompanied young asylum seekers to the UK, linking them with immigration lawyers, support organisations and community mentors who can assist them in their first few months in the UK.

Jack Wilson
Senior UK Project Coordinator

Jack works across our arrivals programme, including supporting new arrivals in the UK with legal and community referrals. In addition, he also works on reporting and evidence gathering that lays the foundations for wider legal challenges and political advocacy work to ensure local and national actors provide appropriate support for those arriving in the UK.

Rosie Pope
Casework Support

Rosie supports our field teams with the development and delivery of casework. She is currently focussing on casework for family reunification cases from Italy.

Eleonora Gnazi
Casework Italy Support

Eleonora supports our field team in Italy with the development and delivery of casework. She provides the field coordinator with her support in order to address the social, legal and practical needs in our cases in Italy as well as monitor progress.

Hannah Gretton
Associate Campaigns Organiser

Hannah is a Campaigns Organiser, working on our local and national campaigns, and developing the leadership of Safe Passage’s teenage clients and family members. She also works two days a week as a community organiser with Croydon Citizens, as part of our umbrella charity Citizens UK.


Alistair Rooms
Associate Campaigns Organiser

Ally works with Refugees Welcome teams across the South East of England, supporting them to create a welcoming region by engaging with local stakeholders, politicians and the media. He first got involved as a founding member of a Refugees Welcome Group in Camden, working with the council to resettle 20 Refugee families.

Anahita Fazli
Separated Family Organiser

Anahita is a Separated Family Organizer and Interpreter for Dari and Pashto languages. Her role involves the identification of refugee families in the UK who have relatives, especially children, separated from them. She supports the families maintaining contacts with their loved ones while reunification cases are processed. She also helps with Safe Passage’s office administration.

Darby O'Donnell
Legal Fellow

Darby is part of the UK casework team. She supports Safe Passage’s legal partners and field teams in advocating for children and vulnerable adults within and outside Europe to be reunited with family members in the UK. Darby’s work includes expanding legal capacity, streamlining casework processes, and supervising legal research conducted by volunteer lawyers. Darby’s role is supported by a post-graduate Berkeley Law Public Interest Fellowship.

Mike Hamilton
Digital Communications Organiser

Mike is a member of the Campaigns and Development teams. He develops our strategy for digital communications on campaigns including social media and email. He encourages our audiences to get involved in actions both on and offline to help win vital Safe Passage campaigns. He strengthens our relationship with existing supporters, as well as recruiting new ones.



Laura Diskin
France Field Coordinator

Laura is based in Calais, France. She supports the logistical, technical and administrative casework operations of Safe Passage in Northern France, working with local associations in Pas-de Calais and the Nord prefectures. She also assists with advocacy projects and visits from the UK team.

Natasha Rosner
Development Coordinator

Natasha supports Safe Passage’s communications and fundraising from a range of sources, including individuals and organisations, as well as developing its community and corporate fundraising.

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