Where We Work

Unaccompanied child refugees are found all over Europe, but certain regions have higher concentrations of vulnerable minors. The Safe Passage head office is based in London but we also have established presence in France, Italy, Greece and a small but growing team in Brussels


Our UK field team focuses on ensuring refugee children arriving in the UK receive qualified legal support and a warm welcome.

Community Mentors

We have a Community Mentoring programme that follows up on the development of the refugees we help, referring them to specialised organisations to help them with specific problems they might be facing.

Our Legacy programme aims to turn the child refugees we help into confident young leaders who organically participate in our campaigns and operations work.


The UK team works with our partner lawyers to carry out strategic litigation aimed at addressing problems refugees face and increasing support for young asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.

Our UK casework team works on finding families living in the UK that are trying to reunite with relatives that are abroad and on dangerous journeys. We help reunite children with their family in Britain, from wherever they are in the world. The aim is for refugees to avoid having to go on perilous journeys in order to reach safety from the start.


Our campaigns team works consistently to put political pressure on the UK Government. Through petitions, writing private and public letters and organising supporter actions, we advocate for and make politicians aware of what needs to be done.

In January 2018, 15,557 people signed our joint-petition with l’Auberge des Migrants, addressed to the Prime Minister and President Macron to let them know we cannot accept any further deaths at the Calais border.

We have made impact on Government legislation. In 2016, we supported the Dubs Amendment, which created a new legal route for unaccompanied children to reach the UK. Since then we campaigned for 18 months for the cut-off date of the Dubs scheme to be dropped. In January 2018, Home Secretary Amber Rudd brought the 20th March 2016 date forward to the 18th January 2018, potentially helping hundreds more unaccompanied child refugees in Europe.


Where We Work

Whatever your skills, experience or availability, there are lots of ways you can help Safe Passage to help vulnerable refugees. Because we’re growing so fast, we are currently recruiting for several new team members.



Where We Work

Now, more than ever, we need people like you to join our team and help us make sure unaccompanied minors and adults have a safe passage to sanctuary.



Where We Work

Every single child we help has their own story to tell – about where they’ve come from and where they hope to go.