No child should risk their life to find sanctuary; join our campaign for a better way.

join us in challenging the closure of the Dubs route for child refugees.

 On 8th February 2017, the government announced they would close down the Dubs route for unaccompanied child refugees after just six months in operation, capping the total number of children protected through it to 350. The government’s key argument for closing this route is that communities aren’t able to help more children.

We believe Britain is better than this. We have helped child refugees in times of crisis before, and we can do so again. Now it is up to all of us to prove the government wrong, and demonstrate loud and clear that communities across the country are willing and able to help more children.

We are therefore calling for the Dubs route to be kept open beyond April, and for local authorities to be re-consulted about their capacity. We want to encourage councils to speak up and say that they will support the government in keeping the scheme open, and that they will commit more spaces in their area for vulnerable children to be given sanctuary under the Dubs route.

What you can do locally:

1) Write to your councillor. You can use this template letter, or write your own. Find out how to contact your council.

2) Organise local public actions to let your council know you are willing to support them in increasing their capacity for welcoming Dubs children.

3) See the full campaign pack, for ideas for actions and a background to the campaign.

Please do feedback any responses.

Campaign with us.

We believe no child should suffer in pursuit of sanctuary in the UK. If you believe the same, why not find out how you can help us in our campaign and advocacy work.

We want to reunite children safely and legally with their families and stop them from having to take dangerous journeys. Responding to pressure from Safe Passage campaigners, legal routes for children to reunite with their families have opened up, in 2016, the UK Government pledged to bring half the children in the Calais camp to safety in the UK, and we supported Lord Dubs in campaigning for an amendment to the Immigration Bill which has seen around 200 of the most vulnerable child refugees to safety in the UK. However, there are many more children in France, Italy, Greece and across Europe who are still waiting to be reunited with their family.

Our teams working in France, Greece and Italy know that the threats children face as they travel alone across Europe to reach family in the UK are very real. The UK must continue to fulfil its legal and moral right duty to protect refugee children from traffickers, violence and sexual exploitation.


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