Let’s Reclaim St George’s Day

Would you like to celebrate refugees and eat some delicious food?

Monday 23rd April is St George’s Day, a saint’s day typically associated with celebrating English culture and pride. In fact, George is not just the Patron Saint of England, but of 24 other countries.St George’s Day is celebrated across Europe and the Middle East, including in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. Many of the refugees we help bring to safety come from countries where St George is celebrated.

With your help, we want to use this day to celebrate the influence of other cultures, including those of migrants and refugees, on our own. We can do this by sharing food from these countries with friends and colleagues and raising money for refugees in the process.

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We have teamed up with Migrateful, an initiative through which migrants and refugees teach their traditional cuisines to the public. They’ve supplied you with recipes from Eritrea, Syria, and Iran, which you can use to try out different cuisines or as inspiration for your own menus.

Check out Migrateful’s website here

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