Remember Safe Passage In Your Will

We work so that every person, particularly children who are on their own, seeking asylum is able to access a safe and legal route to a place where they can be protected and lead a full and dignified life.

Our team works in the UK and across Europe to open more safe routes to protection through using the law. This stops children from needing to take desperate and dangerous journeys to find a place they can call home.

We do this by championing refugees’ rights to legal safe passage through individual and strategic casework, working with MPs and policymakers, empowering groups across the country to stand up for refugees, and by challenging bad policy and practice in the courts when needed.

Save the next generation by helping bring more child refugees to safety with a gift in your Will.

If you would like more information about how to leave a gift to Safe Passage in your Will please get in touch with our Fundraising Manager Johnny Rebours: / 020 8017 2937

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