Welcome to GlastonBeary!

Here you can find out more about the GlastonBears and how you can help them reunite with their family.

There are 10 GlastonBears lost around Glastonbury who need your help on their journey to reach their family at the Safe Passage Tent in the Green Futures Field. Please look out for the GlastonBears and if you find one, please follow the instructions here and use the map here.

Like these GlastonBears lost at Glastonbury, there are thousands of child refugees stranded across Europe who have lost family members on their dangerous journeys or been forced to flee their countries alone. Many are living in squalid camps or rough on the streets, vulnerable to trafficking, violence and abuse.

Thank you for helping the GlastonBears on their journey to reunite with their families and supporting Safe Passage’s work helping child refugees to reach safety.

For more information, please visit us at the Safe Passage Tent in the Green Futures Field.

Please post any photos of the GlastonBears on social media using these hashtags #GlastonBear #glastonbury and @safepassageuk on Twitter or Instagram.

If you can’t help the GlastonBears yourself, you can support our work helping child refugees reunite with family by making a donation here.

Welcome to GlastonBeary!

Have you seen a GlastonBear?

There are 10 Glastonbears dotted around the Glastonbury festival, can you help reunite them with their family?

Welcome to GlastonBeary!

Glastonbear Map

Have you found a bear and need to know how to help them reach safety? Take a look at the helpful map using the link below.

Welcome to GlastonBeary!

GlastonBear Instructions

Each GlastonBear has become separated from their family and need your help to get to safety. If you find a bear while at Glastonbury follow the instructions below to help them.