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About this learning platform

Welcome to the Safe Passage Learning Platform, where we have collected in one easy-to-access space resources related to family reunion under the Dublin III legal framework, with a special focus on countries where we have an operational presence: Greece, Italy, France, and the UK. By sharing these resources with various actors across Europe, the Platform seeks to facilitate capacity building among all actors in the Dublin III process.


Greece continues to be a key entry point to Europe for asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean. This page collates resources published in English and Greek (forthcoming) which relate to the implementation of Dublin III in Greece, and the asylum and reception procedures in Greece.


In 2016 Italy surpassed Greece as the country in Europe with the most arrivals of asylum seekers and migrants. In 2018, Italy continues to have the highest amount of arrivals. This page collects resources published in English and Italian (forthcoming) which relate to reception conditions, asylum procedures, child protection, and implementation of Dublin III in Italy.


While the infamous Calais ‘jungle’ camp in France was formally dismantled in October 2016, asylum seekers continue to gather in significant numbers in France, particularly in the north, in hopes of reaching the UK. This page contains resources relating to the implementation of Dublin III in France.

Across Europe

Contains resources which relate to Dublin III implementation at European level, or in other specific Member States.

Dublin III

A collection of resources pertaining to Dublin III, its legal interpretation, and evaluation of its implementation across Europe.

Dublin IV

In May 2016 the European Commission proposed a new regulation for the Common European Asylum System: “Dublin IV.”The proposal has come as a result of the increasing pressure resulting from the ‘refugee crisis’ in 2015. This page covers the contents of the proposal and viewpoints of various actors in the sector on the proposed changes.