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1 December 2017

Centre for unaccompanied minors to open in Paris

Doctors without borders (MSF) announced yesterday during a press conference that the organisation is about to open a new medical reception and advice centre for unaccompanied minors on 5th December on the outskirts of Paris.

The new centre will provide unaccompanied minors support through different areas: legal, mental health, and social life. The day centre has a capacity of 50, and will host newly arrived minors, minors in transit, and those who need support with their asylum claim or age assessment.

Safe Passage is proud to announce that it is going to provide legal assistance within the centre and ensure that minors eligible for family reunification are aware of their rights to join their relatives in the UK.
Our France Field Coordinator Mariecharlotte Fabiè attended the press conference yesterday, during which she highlighted the difficulties faced by lone children: after surving extremely dangerous journeys, they arrive in France where the environment is hostile and the access to information is complicated and highly bureaucratic.