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1 May 2018

Victory in Lords vote to keep open family reunion route for child refugees in Europe

On 30th April, following lobbying by Safe Passage over 2,000 campaigners, 201 members of the House of Lords voted in favour of Lord Dubs’ amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill, against 181 who voted as ‘Not Content’. Amendment 59 seeks to preserve the existing rights for asylum seekers who arrive in Europe, to legally join family in Britain – a right currently provided for under the ‘Dublin Regulations’. This is a huge step in our work ensuring that this vital route, one of the only safe and legal ways to reach asylum in the UK, remains open after Brexit.

Since 2015, 811 unaccompanied child refugees have been reunited with family in Britain this way.

The vote will now go to the House of Commons in the following weeks.