27 January 2017

Chief Rabbi and Archbishop of Canterbury to mark Holocaust Memorial Day with Lord Dubs at rededication of Kindertransport plaque in Parliament

20 years ago the Committee of the Reunion of the Kindertransport donated a plaque to Parliament commemorating Britain’s act of generosity to Jewish children in Nazi-occupied Europe. On Holocaust Memorial Day [27 January 2017], the plaque will be rededicated in the presence of newly arrived child refugees who were reunited with their families from Calais last year by Safe Passage, a project of Citizens UK.

The ceremony will be particularly poignant as it will be attended by Lord Dubs, himself a Kindertransport survivor, who passed an amendment to the Immigration Act last year, with the Government’s support, affording sanctuary in the UK to some of the most vulnerable lone child refugees in Europe.

Who: Chief Rabbi, Ephraim MirvisArchbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, Sir Erich Reich Chair of the AJR Kindertransport Network, and Lord Alf Dubs.
What: Rededication of Kinderstransport plaque in Parliament
When: Friday 27th January at 1.15pm.
Where: Kindertransport plaque in Houses of Parliament

The plaque rededication will take place as part of a day of reflection, marking the courageous acts of the British people at a dark time in history. It will also commend the achievements of the country last year, when over 1,000 unaccompanied refugee children from Europe were given sanctuary in the UK, and pledge to renew efforts to help many more children in Greece and Italy also.

The rededication will also be attended by other survivors of the Kindertransport and religious leaders.

Lord Dubs said: “I arrived in this country in 1939 as an unaccompanied child refugee, one of 10,000 children rescued by the Kindertransport. I would not be here now were it not for Britain’s offer to help when other countries would not. Today, as some countries are building walls and closing doors to refugees, Britain must continue its proud legacy of helping those fleeing conflict and persecution and redouble our efforts to help thousands not hundreds of child refugees in Greece and Italy as well as France.”