Refugees Welcome

We believe in making #refugeeswelcome. If you want to help refugees settle into your local community, or you are interested in campaigning for safe and legal routes, you’ve come to the right place.

Refugees Welcome


The Refugees Welcome movement grew in response to the refugee huge numbers of refugees arriving in Europe in 2015 and the perceived inaction from decision-makers in response.

Since then the movement has grown and developed with groups across the country involved in many different activities from assisting local authorities in resettlement to engaging in campaigns to improve the welcome refugees receive in Britain.

In the last two years Safe Passage has worked with groups from Glasgow to Totness to win the Dubs amendment, ensure 750 children were safely transferred from Calais when the ‘jungle’ camp was demolished and to help ensure refugee children who access safe and legal routes we work on receive the support they need to move on with their lives.

Refugees Welcome


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Refugees Welcome

Find Local Groups

Refugee Welcome groups are located in towns and cities across the country. If you would like to get involved in their work click here to find out if there is a group near you.