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Letter from councils on Dubs route

Dear Madam,

The government’s decision to limit the Dubs route for unaccompanied child refugees to just 350 children goes against the spirit of the legislation passed last May, and does not reflect all that Britain can do for these vulnerable children in Europe. It was never said we could help everyone, but that we should stand up and do our bit, carrying forward the legacy of our grandparents who rescued 10,000 child refugees on the Kindertransport.

The Home Office consultation with local authorities the Government used to determine the 350 figure is now nine months out of date, and many places pledged by councils remain unfilled. Additionally, our ability to do more depends on the financial support central government is prepared to make available from year to year.

We therefore call on the Home Secretary to keep open the Dubs scheme, re-consult with local authorities to identify further capacity, and reconsider the support given for the scheme, so that we can continue to help these vulnerable children as Britain has done before.

Yours faithfully,