‘I’ve been a Safe Passage Community Mentor since March and I’m really enjoying the role. I became passionate about supporting refugees and asylum seekers after spending almost 2 months in Calais working with young people and women in the ‘Jungle’. On my return I knew I needed to stay involved in this area and I was thrilled to be able to continue to do so with such a respected organisation as Safe Passage.
It has been such a wonderful experience getting to know the clients we have in Manchester and playing a role in their integration and success in their new communities. I’ve helped with English classes, university applications, jobs searches and housing….it hasn’t always been easy especially learning to navigate the bureaucratic systems that are often in place here! However, it is infinitely rewarding and taking time to have tea with everyone I work with has been great. Hearing them talk about the positive changes in their life and seeing them take control of their futures is awesome. I hope that as I become more knowledgeable about certain legalities and entitlements as well as access to specific things, I will become more effective as a CM and continue to support and aid our clients’